DIY: Cable Management


Well, it’s been awhile since a post and during the break I have had the chance to organize my Desk/workbench. Like everyone, keeping the cables of the various electonics on the desk is a chore. Especially when one tends to change their systems around alot and also trouble shoot PC’s of friends and family on the same work space.

I have seen the signum cable management rack from Ikea and loved the idea. Unfortunately the closest Ikea to me is 2 hours away. Then it was off to search office supply stores, which lead to wasted gas and dissatisfaction.

I then ended up wandering the isles of Walmart in hunt for something that would meet my needs. And after going though almost half of the supercenter, I stumbled upon the ClosetMaid Belt and Tie rack. The blub in my head immediatly turned on and with 2 belt\tie racks in the cart, it was off to the hardware isle for some 1″ corner brackets.

After turning off and unplugging all my electronics on my desk, I mounted the belt\tie rack to the bottom of the desk and then routed the wires through the pegs of the rack.

Finally! The cable mess is taken care of, now it is time to organize the top of the desk.





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  1. very nice cable orginizer, just one question how did you mount the power strip to the underside of the desk, glue?
    thanx forthe great idea

  2. The bottom of power strips have keyholes for screws. Just space the screws the same distance apart as the holes (or make a template) and the powerstrip should hook on.

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